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They said it, not us! Our pride is our happy customers and this is what they think

I usually don’t go for thin pads, however these were a pleasant surprise! Definitely something I’m going to grab next month!!

Name: Shreya

Softest Pads Ever!! Using them for almost a week now and trust me they are the softest pads you’ll ever use. Way to go, completely in love with these ❤️

Name: Aanvi Khullar

Absolutely amazed by the quality of the pad. So comfortable, so easy to dispose off. Never been more satisfied after using a pad.

Name: Akshita

These pads are so soft and the packaging is the best. They come in cute paper pouches and very convenient. The pads are very absorbent.

Name: Sanjana Nair

love the way it's manufactured keeping the need in mind, love the product so very much. Going to recommend it to a ton!!

Name: Abheeshta

Super comfortable and great at absorbing. I did not face any discomfort or rashes. Very soft and long enough to prevent leakage throughout the night!

Name: Eshita

Hands down the most comfortable pads everr. I faced no leakage problem and was super comfortable all the time.

Name: Tanushka Chhabra

The pads are very soft and comfortable. I faced no leakage problem plus there were no rashes or skin irration which is a big plus for me.

Name: Janvi Bisht

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Qadira Sanitary Pads

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For Menstruators,
By Menstruators

~ With Love,

Qadira Hygiene

For Menstruators,
By Menstruators

~ With Love, Qadira

Comfort Made Affordable

We believe in creating a world where all humans have their bodily needs met with quality care and on the very same, we lay the foundation of our brand.

We care about our community whilst being mindful of the environment and are on a constant lookout to innovate and improve our products by providing greener and smarter period care solutions.

Our Impact

Project Qadira


11.52 tons
of plastic waste

Reusable Pads


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